Large Munsterlander Association of Canada Conformation Evaluation

Although conformation was assessed in various hunt tests for many LMs over the years, the first large Conformation Evaluation was held at the LMCNA® Reunion in Hutchinson, MN in 2007, with German judges. Another conformation evaluation was held in Pine City, MN at the LMCNA® Meeting in 2010. Two smaller conformation evaluations were held in Saskatoon with the late Sigurd Käser as Judge, and another with Sheri Hallwyler and Joe Schmutz judging.

A LMAC conformation evaluation was held on Saturday, July 7, 2012 in Delisle, Saskatchewan with Jan Buchanan, Kaley Pugh, and Joe Schmutz judging.

Although such large evluation events have not been held again,the fall VHDF tests in Saskatchewan are heavily participated in by Large Munsterlanders and owners can request a conformation evaluation on the Friday before such tests by emailing Joe Schmutz.

Conformation is evaluated based on the FCI Standard for the Large Munsterlander. The Conformation Evaluations of LMAC dogs to date are shown on a downloadable pdf page.

As of January 2012, LMAC Conformation Evaluation will be conducted with at least one certified judge and a minimum of one LMAC member who observes and signs as a witness and recording assistant.

LMs should be 18 months or older for conformation evaluation, intact and not pregnant or have recently whelped. Dogs 15-18 months of age may undergo "preliminary evaluation" and is the custom in the VGM, if they obtain a very good in body and a very good in coat, then this may count as equivalent to an adult evaluation.

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Rhonda Shewfelt, DVM, MSc, is giving a presentation about the dog skeleton and its impact on conformation at the LM group hunt held in Saskatoon in September 2009.

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