The Large Munsterlander Association of Canada (LMAC) 2019 Calendar

This web page was first mounted on December 4, 2018 aby Sheila Schmutz and last updated on December 10.

Call for Photos

These photos must contain at least one Large Munsterlander as the main focus, with people either absent or at least not the focus. For these large photos, they must be high resolution: 300 dpi resolution for an 8.5" x 11” image (landscape layout preferred = 11” width, 8.5” height). This translates to 2125 x 2750 pixels The due date for these is Wednesday Dec 12. They should be emailed to: and in the text of the message state your name and the dog’s full name and call name if it has one and anything else you feel pertinent.

This photo is an example page from the 2014 LMAC calendar.

How to Order

Please order each calendar separately by clicking on the PayPal button below that applies to you. Mailing Costs & currency differs between Canada and the U.S. If you want the calendar mailed to someone as a gift, then please send an email to that effect to me - Sheila Schmutz ( Otherwise the address on record with your membership will be used as the mailing address.

Calendar orders are due Monday, Dec. 17

Given the late date of this project's start and the recent postal strike in Canada that has caused a backlog of mail, the calendars will probably not reach the recipient until mid-January 2019.

one LMAC 2019 Calendar (mailed within Canada)

one LMAC 2019 Calendar (mailed to the U.S.A.)

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